Free Online Travel Event with Celebrity Cruises

    Free Online Travel Event | July 8, 2020 | 20:00 EDT

    Free Online Travel Event with Celebrity Cruises 

    Video: Celebrity Cruises 30th Anniversary

    EVENT DATE: July 8, 2020
    EVENT TIME: 20:00 EDT 

    Please join us for this Free Online Travel Event. You will learn all about:

    • The Celebrity distinction
    • #wecantwait philosophy
    • What you can expect onboard a Celebrity ship
    • Galapagos Islands and Flora
    • New Safety Measures for your ship board experience
    • Current Savings Opportunities

    THE CELEBRITY DISTINCTION – This is a combination of what makes our brand the right choice.

    There’s a reason people trust their precious vacation days to us. Actually, there are hundreds of them.  Every day, every night, we welcome the world on board. Extraordinary destinations. Culinary Excellence. Intuitive service. Luxurious Accommodations and stunning design. That’s the Celebrity way. The Celebrity Distinction. 

    Your event host is:

    Brenda Lynne Yeomans Strategic Market Manager Canada 

    What is the theme for the evening?

    #wecantwait Celebrity Cruises featuring our Revolutionary Edge series ships and a special presentation on the Galapagos Islands with our Newest ship Flora. 

    Tell us a bit about Celebrity Cruises and the products and services Celebrity Cruises offers.

    Celebrity Cruises' 13 ships offer modern luxury vacations visiting all seven continents. Celebrity also presents incredible Cruisetour experiences in Alaska and Canada. Celebrity is one of six cruise brands operated by global cruise vacation company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL). Celebrity Cruises' iconic "X" is the mark of modern luxury, with its cool, contemporary design and warm spaces; dining experiences where the design of the venues is as important as the cuisine; and the amazing service that only Celebrity can provide, all created to provide an unmatchable experience for vacationers’ precious time.

    In which countries does Celebrity Cruises offer tours to? What are key hotspots? 

    Celebrity cruises to 7 Continents, more than 280 destinations with our 13 stunning ships. 
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Europe
    • Alaska
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Asia
    • Dubai
    • India
    • South America
    • The Caribbean
    • Bermuda
    • Canada and New England are also favourites 

    What types of tours does Celebrity Cruises offer, and which types of travellers does Celebrity Cruises cater to?

    We encourage total immersion in all of the ports we visit with unique custom experiences, exclusive offerings, authentic, off the beaten path tours including Culinary journeys from ship to Shore.

    • Longer stays in Ports 
    • Over 165 overnight stays in the Ports of call and Double Overnights in many as well. 
    • Cruisetours to Alaska 

    How is Celebrity Cruises making an impact in local communities?

    • RCL funds and operates a free elementary school in Haiti serving 325+ children annually
    • Clean Water and Sanitation- Learn about RCL’s clean water and sanitation efforts in Haiti
    • RCL’s wind farm project generates 760,000-megawatt hours per year to directly offset approximately half a million tons of CO2e each year
    • RCL promotes sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products while being committed to its Human Rights Statement
    • Learn about how RCL promotes sustainable tourism 
    • RCL offers 1,500 GSTC sustainable tours to its guests
    • Learn how RCL supports sustainable tourism development
    • 100% of the RCL fleet is equipped to be landfill free
    • RCL has achieved a 35% reduction in their emissions from their 2005 baseline
    • RCL employees have planted 1,000+ corals through the University of Miami’s Rescue-a-Reef program
    • RCL is protecting life below water
    • Guests sailing to the Galápagos Islands aboard Celebrity Cruises have planted close to 50,000 Scalesia trees in support of reforestation efforts on the islands
    • RCL has been named one of Ethisphere’s Most Ethical Companies for five years in a row
    • RCL has a partnership with World Wildlife Fund to support healthy oceans and develop sustainability targets

    Save the Waves®

    Our Commitment is the foundation of Save the Waves

    • In everything we do, Celebrity Cruises is ever conscious of our special responsibility to protect our marine ecosystems. Protecting the world's seas and the rich marine life they support is a way of life, and a way of doing business, for Celebrity Cruises. This commitment is the foundation of Save the Waves, our comprehensive environmental protection program established by our parent company in 1992.
    • Save the Waves helps guide our company's operating philosophy. It has become an integral part of each crewmember's job and is the backbone of daily operations. There are four key principles of Save The Waves
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Reduce the generation of waste material, reuse and recycle wherever possible, and properly dispose of remaining wastes.
    • Practice Pollution Prevention - Nothing may be thrown overboard. Nothing.
    • Go Above and Beyond Compliance (ABC) - Means doing more than is required by regulations.
    • Continuous Improvement - Change is the only constant; innovation is encouraged and rewarded.
    • Our environmental stewardship department ensures that Save The Waves continues to be improved and fully implemented on our ships and at our land-based offices. 

    If you had to recommend just one tour to travellers who truly want to make a positive impact on the destination they’re visiting, which tour would you recommend and why?

    The Galapagos Islands. Celebrity Flora, our newest 100 pax luxury yacht was built specifically to tour these islands and has the most innovative technology and science to protect the environment. This is low impact Travel.  You get to experience first hand why we need to protect our planet, our animals and our resources. You learn from our Naturalists the importance of these islands. We created the Galapagos Fund together with the Galapagos Conservancy. We have partnered with local organizations on programs designed to improve the quality of life for residents there. Like the Fishing coop, constructions of greenhouses to help farmers. We created the organic Galapagos hybrid Tomatoes.  Our guests have helped introduce over 50,000 plants in support of the Scalesia reforestation effort.   But our company as a whole , when you cruise with us, you are part of environmental stewardship.

    What makes Celebrity Cruises unique? 

    • The Celebrity Distinction 
    • Accommodations-Game changing design
    • World Class Culinary experiences 
    • Revolutionary Entertainment
    • Incredible itineraries
    • and Destinations

    We connect guests to the sea, blurring the lines between inside and out, soaring ceilings, acres of glass, flowing architecture and technologies that meet today’s new world. Our industry changing Edge Class ships Edge and Apex changed everything. Including their own Magic Carpet. A cantilevered marvel that reaches heights of 13-stories above the open ocean that is a bar, a restaurant, a place to relax and see the world pass by. We have taken the Edge class stateroom design, Retreat Amenities and dining concepts to the rest of our Fleet with over a $500 million dollar Revolution. Our onboard menus are curated by Michelin starred chefs with globally inspired restaurants and we surround our guests with staff, so intuitive, they know what you want before you do! 

    Photo: Celebrity Cruises Edge ship

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    Celebrity Cruises

    Extraordinary destinations. Culinary Excellence. Intuitive service. Luxurious Accommodations and stunning design. That’s the Celebrity way. The Celebrity Distinction.

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